Networxx Film Management stands for high quality productions in the fields of shorts and feature films. In addition Networxx Film Management is a full service provider for film producers. Due to an international network productions can be produced efficiently and in highest quality.
Marcel Miller
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Founder and CEO of Networxx Film Management. Primarily Marcel Miller is a full-time actor and works in the international film business. He is a career changer but with his experience of many projects he was able to produce high-quality films by himself or in co-operation with his partners. A long lasting service as manager in medium-sized enterprises within the marketing sector helped him on his way. His big and healthy network makes it possible to act fast and efficient on the international film market.

IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/miller  •  Website - http://www.marcelmiller.us  •  Email: miller@networxxfilm.com
Felix Kersting - Producer
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Felix Kersting studied business administrations and served an apprenticeship in wholesale- trading and export trading. He started his media career at WDR. Afterwards he worked with various media companies and finally founded his own film production company and produced commercials and music videos. He worked as an independent consultant for american film studios and has been responsible for numerous film projects.

IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/kersting  •  Email: kersting@networxxfilm.com